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#resource – is a site (free to use) where you can watch people write code live. It doesn’t need to be live coding in the musical sense, there are 100s of videos and live streams in a range of programming languages categorised into levels of expertise ‘beginner’, ‘intermediate’ and ‘expert’. differs from the usual online video tutorials, firstly due to the obvious live element. This can be a bad thing if you want to be fed how to do something in a well rehearsed, polished video. It could however be very interesting as you get to see how someone goes about getting stuck many-a-time to solve a problem. This is much more true to what coding is like in real life.

It also differs due to the ‘hang out’ aspect. You can message the live coder and its likely they will respond to you either over chat or video. As a viewer you could give pointers and support to the coder and have conversations with other viewers. This gives a nice community feel and I suppose if you are at home coding anyway then it might be fun to have some company.

A concern may be that you could get trolled during the stream. I had a conversation with my friend Angel a few weeks ago about potentially making a Youtube channel but thought that people would probably troll the sh*t out of me.

She said to think of people you consider to be amazing (either bands/celebrities or just friends that put stuff online) and look at their Youtube/Instagram comments where they probably have reams of tasteless feedback. There is of course room for constructive criticism but senseless abuse is the worry. Whatever these people have chosen to write, it doesn’t make the person you admire any less amazing. There are just a lot of bored, not very nice people on the internet. Don’t let it put you off before you have even started.

On i’m guessing there is a way to throw people out of the Stream/hangout if they get too annoying anyway.

A great thing about music live coding (I don’t think WordPress live coding will be hitting dance floors any time soon…) online is that you can practice performing to an audience to gauge their reaction without the pressure of physically being in a room full of people.

I should probably just throw myself in and make a channel but I think I will give myself a few more days of rehearsals first… maybe set it up at the weekend. In the mean time there are loads of great videos to get inspiration from, many from Sonic Pi creator himself Sam Aaron and Joseph Wilk who I saw a brilliant performance by at Eurucamp in Berlin last summer… definitely great people to learn from.